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Summer symbol

Equivalence Symbol

Traffic cone icon

Old-fashioned bign board

Stop and launch symbol

Not approved

Simple orange eye

Iron symbol

Resist fascism

Decorative wrought

Wrought silhouette

Medieval banners

Classic medieval shield

Safety instructions

Warning toxic materials

Fire silhouette

Fan image

Wind turbine silhouette

Japanese religion

Tenrikyo Church

Church emblem

Flower symbol

Blue arty icon

Plus emblem icon

Blue abstract flower

United church of Christ

Colorful dragon

Latin cross

Red banner image

Blue outlined banner

Emblem of Slovakia

Blue man emblem

Outlined banner

Green outlined banner

United Methodist emblem

Moon symbol

Blue banner

Fifty percent quality

Christian church symbol

99 percent quality

Butterfly icon

Red palm print

Aztec snake symbol

Japanese national railways

Luther's rose

Blue Jewish symbol

Caution icon

''Do Not Enter'' signs

Consumerism zone symbol

SGS Symbols

Vintage Car Icon

''No hipsters'' sing

Old man crossing

Amish buggies caution

Trator icon

Dog hazard image

Bitcoin caution

Shower silhouette

Shower symbol

No smoking symbol vector

Green globe

Globe monochrome

Wi Fi

Global peace

Document icon

Dialog warning

Dragon design image

Blue brain icon

garage door

Automobile icon

Bible quote

Ying yang image

Black ribbon image


Christian cross image

Muslim symbol

Stylised mosque

Catholic cross silhouette

Lamb with cross

Red OM

Shepherd's and king's symbol

Black and white bow

Russian window

Ribbon's silhouette

Ribbon's black silhouette

Clover with background

Reindeer silhouette

Ribbon silhouette image

Anchor symbol

LGBT rainbow ribbon