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Green globe

Wi Fi

Global peace

Document icon

Dialog warning

Dragon design image

Blue brain icon

garage door

Automobile icon

Bible quote

Ying yang image

Black ribbon image


Christian cross image

Muslim symbol

Stylised mosque

Catholic cross silhouette

Lamb with cross

Red OM

Shepherd's and king's symbol

Black and white bow

Russian window

Ribbon's silhouette

Ribbon silhouette image

Ribbon's black silhouette

Clover with background

Reindeer silhouette

Anchor symbol

LGBT rainbow ribbon

Logotype icon

Button logo

Tested products symbol

Male Gender Icon

Male Symbol Icon Silhouette

Gender Equality Symbol

Kitchen utensil

Sheriff's badge clip art

Muffin icon

Adult content warning label

Sticker for adult websites

Elephant transparent

Green and pink elephant

Water dove

Female icon

Colored star

Female symbol image

Prismatic symbols

Male and female icons

Tribal graphic symbol


Toilet pictograph image

Beaker symbol

Semaphore symbol

Silhouette letter

Tykonus runic letter

Black rune

Old Germanic letter

Runic alphabet

Unpaved airport runway

Green semaphore light

Semaphore image

Horizontal stop lights

Caution border

Bright future

Traffic cone image

Cymraeg logo

Phone talk

Satellite TV icon

Basic shapes

Paper clip icon

Deep blue button

Photographing icon

Power button symbol

Devotion to music

Cartoon number six

Refund map marker

Hard disk action urgent

Map icon

Decorative ornaments vector pack

Remove from disk

Subway map

Red map locator

Zorech Rune

Spoon and fork

Yoorn Rune

Download arrow

Queros Rune

Medieval letter

Round glyph

Rune of fear