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Dog footprint symbol

No animal testing

Fire extinguisher labelling symbol

Flight desk reception

Fire extinguisher labeling symbol - type A

Tram warning sign

Hand tool icon

Baseball diagram

No sunlamp

Colorful Celtic Knot

Gray designer pattern

Eagle divider bar

College education

Gear icons

Antonin Scalia signature

Detour sign vector clip art

Easter text

Vintage ad

Lamp of knowledge

Two bulbs

Gray light icon

Blue lamp silhouette

Black plus

Arrow silhouette image

Forward and pause icon

Right tab

Black right arrow

Left black tab

Duplicate tab arrow

Green arrow image

Plus and minus image

Reload button

Black right tab

WC symbols

Subtract tab icon

Remove symbol

Back and pause symbol

Fast forward and pause symbol

Green plus sign

Red remove symbol

Mono tab left

Reload all tabs

Left and right restrooms

Warning sign overhead load

Plus and minus

Red warning sign

Stop the silence

Philippines symbol

Software symbols

Red badge

Stop sign with message

Three symbols

Warning sign arrow shape

Power fist

Cameras not allowed

Endless Knot

Japanese metallic symbol

Saint image

Cinema design

Moon tattoo

Book pictograph image

Decorated number 5

The Internet

Celtic ornament

Animal tattoo

Memorial Day image


Global heart

Global unity

Global soccer

Flag of Europe image

Film strip heart

Gray happy face

Vintage comic book

Metal logo

Book pictograph

Metal background

No bicycles sign

No entry symbol

Old folks crossing

One way sign

Two passes road sign

Rail fence road sign

Roundabout road sign

Staggered road sign

Road sign train

Tram icon

Trams road sign

Road sign tunnel

Turn ahead road sign