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Font preferences icon

Info icon

Synchronize symbol

Invalids symbol

Local icons

Microphone icon

UK and Ireland

Windows bug

Electron logo

Engineers for Freedom

Religious symbols

Boom colored

Anvil & hammer

Hammer and sickle image

Hammer and sickle

Taxi symbol location pin

Jackpot symbol

Slot machine image

Lucky seven

Food icons

Simple washing machine silhouette

Clef Of thorns

Infinite thorns

Green dollar sign

Workout Icons

Do not disturb sign

No horn sign

Traditional telephone

Detergent container symbols

Washing machine icon

Floral unicorn silhouette

Owl silhouette

Female Symbol Of Thorns

Thorns cross

Stop and relax

Announcing icon

Rose with text

Thorny heart

Toilet sign

Guitar and notes

Guitar silhouettes

Round  flask

Math operation symbol

Parking for handicapped persons

KDE icon theme with numbers

Firefigting symbol


Firefighting icon

Fire extinguisher pictograph

Yellow firefighting symbol


Fire extinguisher picture

Fire extinguisher labelling icon

Dog footprint symbol

No animal testing

Fire extinguisher labelling symbol

Flight desk reception

Fire extinguisher labeling symbol - type A

Tram warning sign

Hand tool icon

Baseball diagram

No sunlamp

Colorful Celtic Knot

Gray designer pattern

Eagle divider bar

College education

Gear icons

Antonin Scalia signature

Detour sign vector clip art

Easter text

Vintage ad

Lamp of knowledge

Two bulbs

Gray light icon

Blue lamp silhouette

Black plus

Arrow silhouette image

Forward and pause icon

Right tab

Black right arrow

Left black tab

Duplicate tab arrow

Green arrow image

Plus and minus image

Reload button

Black right tab

WC symbols

Subtract tab icon

Remove symbol

Back and pause symbol