1719 outlined free clipart

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Green directory image

White directory

Blue play icon

Simple directory icon

Dragging white folder

Blue opened folder

Semitransparent file folder

Brown directory icon

Gray starry silhouette

Generic mime type

Exit icon image

Torrent file

Red error icon

Green left pointer

RSS feed document

Orange upgrade arrow

Refresh icon

Russian outlined flag

Red folder symbol

Outlined house icon

Plugin icon

France flag image

Mouse image

Vietnam's flag

Outlined star

Georgia flag

Violet opened folder

Stop button

Red emerald

Scalloped ornament

Black and gray yin yang

Christmas ornament shapes

Baseball with shadow

Framed lady's face

Outlined firearm

Western Australia map

Outlined gun

Cartoon gun and knife

Simple outlined shirt

Tree landscape

Orange T-shirt

Outlined blue shirt

Orange suit

T-shirt symbol

Glider illustration

Outlined farmer

Colorful exclamation

Man icon and speak bubble

Clock tower frame

Yellow outlined pencil

Red envelope image

Medieval death dance

Green outlined banner

Blue outlined banner

Outlined banner

Flowery silhouette

Blue banner

Birdie silhouette

Outlined globe

Red heart with arrow

Red planet icon

Blue snowflake.

Steering wheel

St George

Simple Catholic cross

Red ribbon image

Double-headed eagle

Brown folder icon

Outlined box

Red outlined button

Green Pakistan map


Light switcher

Outlined smiley

Green pointer

Annoyed smiley face

Checkered racing heart

Outlined paper decoration

Outlined pencil

Outlined decorative star

Outlined ornamental triangle

Fading circles

Outlined cadre

Outlined magnifying glass

Outlined chessboard

Chessboard and pieces

Glossy pencil

Comic scream

Vector drawing of outlined heart playing card symbol

Vector clip art of outlined red diamond playing card symbol