5092 outline free clipart - 53

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danger alert

Yellow opened folder

Opened violet folder

Red opened folder

Font settings

Orange direcotry

White opened folder

Font icon

Polar bear and Eskimos


Simple snake illustration

Pure shark image

Wooden frame image

Falling penguins warning

Hoax danger

Panda walking

Fist symbol

Avalanche warning sign

Fire image

Sunburned woman

Lab coat

Grey spider

Danger panel

Red folder image

Lady with a big hat

Yellow directory

Blue opened folder

Dragging folder

Green directory image

Directory image

Brown directory icon

Mime type log

Yellow dragging directory

Select all icon

Semitransparent file folder

Eject icon

Mime type with star

Drag and accept folder

Opening green directory

Open white folder

White directory

Blue play icon

Info symbol image

Open black folder

Font select icon

Green directory

Pause symbol

Gray text

Orange file folder

Dragging white folder

Simple directory icon

Torrent file

Muted audio volume

Favorite window

Green left pointer

Red error icon

Reboot symbol

RSS feed document

Exit icon image

Brown document icon

Generic mime type

Add contacts

Locked document

Medium volume

Removing window

Document folder symbol

New contact symbols

Gray starry silhouette

Low volume image

Windows movie maker

Green text

Brown folder symbol

Log out icon

Grey plugin icon

Medium volume symbol


Right green arrow

Gray gear

Remote fodler

Document under copyright

Refresh icon

Russian outlined flag

Orange upgrade arrow

Yellow folder icon

New tab

New window

Printer error

Calendar icon

Printer printing

Mime type font