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Cat and witch

Sword bearer

Wicked murderer

Comedy character

Tybalt's character

Drama character

Medieval nanny

Wicked Iago

Young royalty

Medieval witch

Cartoon boy image

Medieval monk image

Frankenstein's head

Schoolgirl standing

Happy girl image

Shakespeare's Romeo drawing

Medieval princess image

Sad manga girl

Peace smiley

Shy girl image

comic pudding

Sad square

Girly robot

Basketball player silhouette

Volleyball player

Science Explosion

Old cavalier

Medieval minstrel

Medieval lady

Macbeth's character

Laertes image

Lady Montague's drawing

Medieval Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth's image

Lady Capulet

Cassio image

Wicked king

Juliet image

King Lear's character

Jester drawing

Book character

Drama female character

Sad Hamlet

Vintage herald

Tired gravedigger

Guardsman image

Gertrude drinking

The Duke of Burgundy

King Lear's caricature

Capulet's character

Falstaff's character

Vintage sergeant

Medieval soldier image

Musical performance

Romantic musician

Medieval musician image


A guard with sharp weapon

Shakespeare's Gertrude

Man silhouette clip art

King Lear

Shakespeare's Capulet

Sir John Falstaff

Soldier with body armor

Trumpet player

Medieval musician

Musician from medieval play

Queen from old novel

The queen


Trufaldo character

Shakespeare's priest

Shakespeare's old king

Sir Toby Belch

Olivia from Twelfth night

Sampson from Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's townsman

A witch

Prince vector clip art

Iago from Othello

Old woman in colorful dress

Shakespeare's Tybalt


Princess in colorful dress

Medieval monk

Old man from medieval novel

Fencer Mercutio


Silhouette of a man in coat

Alien's head set