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Hand pressing a red button

Boss workplace


Barrel for whisky or wine

Mace blunt weapon

Tattooing machine

Worker with a screwdriver

Steel chains

Coffin with a cross

Tennis club logotype

Polluted water

Steak meal in a restaurant

Sheet of paper with glasses

Water bottle and water dispenser

Hands in shackles prisoner

Man in the bathtub

Alien invasion

Elephant on the ball

Grim reaper vector clip art

Hand with a watch



Queen move in chess

Programming and coding

PC email and magnifying glass

Diploma online

Hand throwing dice

Roller skates

Open safe with gold coins

Virus bacteria

Boy in front of a blackboard

Clean drinking water

Makeup products

Hygienic tampons

Surveillance camera on the wall

Yellow keys on a keychain

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Crude oil storage tank

Grinder in hand

Hands holding toilet paper


Welcome party with balloons

Antibacterial napkins

Tropical landscape with yacht

Monster jaws

Birdhouse on a tree

Ball crashing into skittles

Hand with a compass

Scuba diver under water

Hand gesture with three fingers

Happy and sad face masks

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Transform

Banners in various colors

Ice skating shoes

MultiTouc -Interface Pixel theme Touch and Hold Hourglass

MultiTouch-Interface Pixel theme Swipe Fast Right

Gaming chair

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Slide Horizontal Arrow

Cursor hand small target

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Rigid Move

MultiTouch-Interface Pixel theme Robot Hand Simulation

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Resize

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Path Gesture

Musical notes logotype design

Black halftone dotted pattern

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Hand Open

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Mouse Hand

A pencil in hand

Three fingers hand gesture

Death skeleton and a scythe

Mouse Interface Pixel theme Cursor Hover

MultiTouch Interface Pixel theme Direction Control

Device Interface Orientation Pixel Theme

Dotted black patterns

Cactus flower in the pot

Elevator not working

A torch

Fuel filter

Hacksaw cuts metallic pipe

Water spilling from the bucket

Red heart in hands

Robotic saw for wood


Woman trying to open a gift


Air conditioning unit

Anchor logo with rope

A well with a bucket

Blue pills

Circular electric saw