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Sagittarius image

Virgo symbol

Scorpio symbol

Gemini sign

Sagittarius sign

Chinese zodiac symbol

Green Libra

Orange zodiac sign

Asian rooster symbol

Leo illustration

Yellow leo sign

Cancer symbol image

Taurus illustration

Pisces sign

French fries symbol

Hot-dog symbol

Coca cola symbol

Hard drive image

Independence Day hat

Currency exchange icon

Shopping cart icon

Hamburger icon

Traffic cone icon

Stop and launch symbol


Capricorn symbol

Leo image

Clothes care symbols

Dumbbell image

Medieval sign «blacksmith»

Black flowery lace

White dove symbol of peace

Warning toxic materials

Love key silhouette

Bat silhouette symbol


Blue nurse symbol

Zika virus symbol

First aid icon

Red Cross silhouette

Wind and water

App tool kit

Decorative square symbol

Sufism symbol

Eagle and snake

Stylized golden lion

Muslim symbol image

World Wide Web Icon

Planet Earth symbol

Caution symbol

Red shower icon

Travel globe

Globe symbol


Black and white Yin Yang

Trinity symbols

Flag of Yemen symbol

Yemen flag symbol

Black clear symbol

Sphinx symbol

Gray folder icon

Blue folder symbol

Kitchen utensil

Measuring cup symbol

Bloody heart

Republican symbol silhouette

Female bisexuality symbol

Two dragon's silhouette

Dangerous dragon

Colored Aries sign

Tribal dragon and symbol

Traffic light symbol

One way traffic symbol

Heart beat logo

No traffic sign

Break and coffee symbol

Blue traffic symbol

Traffic flashing sign

Profit risk loss symbol

Germany flag and map

Floppy disc symbol

Stop icon

Kitchen symbol

Wyr Rune

Irremais Rune

Feresh Rune

Mawrig Rune

Aesh Rune

Power button icon

Measuring device symbol