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Wind magician

Lonely woman

Man with broken arm

Medical career

Doctor with small patients

Doctor with patients

Nobleman and death

Dancing with death

Death dance

The Black Death

Death of madame Geneva

Fear Valley

Picture of death

Grim reaper

Wind mage image

Dr. Death

Cartoon wind

Life silhouette

Death image

Sumo fighter image

Vintage Sumo wrestlers

Fat Sumo wrestler

Two Sumo and referee

Sumo wrestler drawing

Sumo fighter

Patrick and the snakes

Sumo wrestler sketch

Woman at apple tree

Lady with snake

Circus snake handler

Indian and pilgrims

Sybil Ludington

Sumo wrestler image

Red palm print

Sumo wrestlers

Molly Pitcher

Paul Revere

Woman and apple tree

Wine maiden

Old married couple

Dancing people

''No hipsters'' sing

Caution child

Caterpillar danger

Tractor repairman and woman

Old man crossing


Horse and cart

Guy in shower


Welsh miner

Brother and sister

Boy with bagpipes

Beautiful lady

Duck and girl

Humpty Dumpty sitting

Blacksmith and girl

Mother and daughter

Mother goose

Romance silhouette

Humpty Dumpty

Gold mining

Hand holding torch

Old woman's image

Retro date

Eros and Psyche illustration

Eros drawing

Love landscape

Bergamot Bay

Marriage proposal


Kissy couple

Retro kissing couple

Romance at dusk

Mum and baby

Sisters in nature

Girls and flowers

Karl Marx

Confusion crossroads

Little professor

Two couples dancing

Globe man

Eros and Psyche drawing

Man sweating

Man and woman's portrait

Happy couple

Couple's portrait

Princess and prince

Loch Lubnaig

Falls of Foyers